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I had a wonderful experience at Locals Car Buyer. My car was appraised at a lot more than I thought it was worth. Great day! Thanks!
Drew Scott
Fantastic experience! I was apprehensive at first but my Locals Car Buyer associate led me easily through the process from start to finish. I am absolutely telling my roommate about it.
Susanta Paul
When I needed some fast cash for my truck I was amazed at how quick the staff at Locals Car Buyer handled everything!
Rick Hendrick


Q: What kind of cars do you buy? 

A: We buy any car that runs… It’s that simple.

Q: Will you still take my car even if it isn't running? 

A: Most Times

Q: What if my car was in an accident? 

A: No problem! Please call with any questions.

Q: How much do you charge for appraisals? 

A: All of our appraisals are FREE of charge and are valid for 7 days.

Q: I can't find the Certificate of Title (a.k.a pink slip) to the car. Will you still buy my car? 

A: We carry all the necessary paperwork to purchase your vehicle, even if the title is lost. (The process varies from state to state, call for details)

Q: What if my car isn't paid off yet? 

A: We are fully qualified to purchase the car from you and pay your bank off directly.

Q: What happens to my car after I sell it? 

A: Newer vehicles are reconditioned and resold by our dealer network. Older, wrecked and mechanically damaged vehicles are usually sold at auction.

Q: I want to sell my car to you, where do I start? 

A: Just call us at 757-490-CARS(2277) to schedule an appointment or stop by our showroom at 3783 Bonney Rd., Virginia Beach.

Q: How long have you been doing this? 

A: We have been in business since 1983.

Q: How much do you pay? 

A: We coordinate with Kelley Blue Book's database to determine our pricing. We can give a price quote on your car within 30 minutes or less when we evaluate your car.

Q: How will I get home after selling you my vehicle, If I don't have a ride? 

We provide to you a FREE Uber/taxi ride home after selling us your vehicle.


If you have questions we haven’t answered about selling your car give us a call at 757-490-CARS(2277).


Over 10,000 Happy Customers have Sold to Us

  • I had a great experience, very professional and honest. No hassle at all I will definitely do business with them again
    Tyler graham
  • Can't ask for a better place to sell your vehicle. No hassle. No sales pitches. Out in 20 minutes. Thanks again!
    Matt Barnes